Martes, Oktubre 4, 2011

Every Child is Special (Reflection

In this unpredictable world we may encounter different happenings that sometimes will make a change in our life. Mostly, when we are just exploring this wonderful world we will be able to see the things that are really worth living for. The movie Every Child is Special unlocks my imagining on how to treat every child in this human race. It actually releases the sense of awareness that lies on my being, the awareness of appreciating every deeds of a child whether it’s simple or wasteful. When I was watching the scenes I honestly felt the pain that runs on Ishan’s eyes. I’ve felt the emotion of being alone and left behind, the feeling of not being heard by the most important people in your life. Furthermore, the numbness of emptiness and sadness triggers my soul.
                A story of a considerate teacher that assist a child to overcome what everybody thinks he can’t is an open outcome of the education system in some countries. A teacher who believed that facing the reality and work on it to make it improved is always been better than running on the “problem” that the people say, the problem of being different. A teacher who accept and understand the truth that as well as he is everybody in this world is different and special in their very own ways but not wrong. A film that embark upon the issue of an individual’s own fondness that approaches in argument the rest-of-the-world’s sensitivity and perception about what is best for everyone.
                It is honest to believe that some laws that are written in the Philippine Constitution are much better than other countries bylaw. Particularly in the part of child’s right about child’s abuse is very respectful for me. That is why I wonder why the children’s educator in some countries allowed by the government to give punishments to their learners. The curriculum stayed being a teacher centered curriculum and the educator doesn’t mind the child’s interest. For me, it will still be better to have a child-centered curriculum for the children to establish and found what he really wants to do.
The part when Ishan’s parents decided to send their son in a school where discipline is the most important thing to follow is one of the heart wrecking part of the story. In fact, I am hoping that time that the parents of Ishan had the time to study some parts on how special children be treated as special ones. I am wishing that same time that how I wish the parents had a little background on how certain possibility their son acquires the dyslexia or if ever any other disability. Hence, the father didn’t understand and as I know didn’t want to accept the whole truth that his son is special he stick on his decision to transfer Ishan on a disciplinary school. It is really too sad for the child to experienced hard things at a young age. Though it is not really the disability that made schooling too hard for Ishan the acceptance of the people around him made a big deal. I think when Ishan moved he experienced culture shocked that made it too hard for her to accept and adjust in the new environment. The feeling of being special from the other students and the feeling of being scolded by his teacher are the culture shocked.
                The point where the happiness arise from me while watching the movie is when the funny teacher who disguise as a clown at the very first meeting with the kid came. I salute the way he explained to Ishan’s family the reason why he doesn’t recognize letters and yet Ishan find it hard to read was really amazing. One of the things that made a big impact on me was when parents ignore what the teacher tell them and didn’t give any help for their son yet the teacher still holds on his faith that he can lend a hand to aid not only the disability of Ishan but also the misery in the eyes and heart of the little boy.
What I learned: To give care and to believe in a child’s unique ability is the true meaning of love. To allot time for a child to teach and support them are the important lessons that I gained because for me that explains the best meaning of the movies’ title Every Child is Special.


Linggo, Setyembre 11, 2011

Magpatuloy ka

Hayaan mo na lang iyong mga taong nagbibigay pasakit sa kalooban mo.
Huwag mo na lamang silang pansinin, lalo na't hindi rin naman nakabubuti.
Kasama ang mga pambatang aksyon ng karamihan ay baliwalain kung wala ka naman ng magagawa.
Maghanap nalang ng mas magagandang bagay na pwede mong pagtuunan ng pansin.
manatili kang malakas at nakangiti sa kabila ng di matapos-tapos na problema ng buhay.
Tanggapin mo ang katotohanang wala naman talagang maayos na mundo,
ngunit maaari itong maging maganda sa tulong mo.
Igalang mo at pahalagahan ang lahat ng bagay na para bang ito'y sa iyo.
At pagkataposm mabuhay ka ng walang takot at masaya na walang inaapakang tao,
malinis ang konensya at may pagmamahal sa Panginoon, sa bayan at sa mundo.

Patuloy kang mangarap at magsikap. Ikaw yan. May magagawa ka.